• 20 November 2016

Development data

The following data on hourly historical SCADA operations are provided:

  • Training Dataset 1: This dataset was released on November 20 2016, and it was generated from a one-year long simulation. The dataset does not contain any attacks, i.e. all the data pertains to C-Town normal operations.
  • Training Dataset 2: This dataset with partially labeled data was released on November 28 2016. The dataset is around 6 months long and contains several attacks, some of which are approximately labeled.
  • Test Dataset: This 3-months long dataset contains several attacks but no labels. The dataset was released on February 20 2017, and it is used to compare the performance of the algorithms (see rules document for details).
Note: the flow data unit is LPS, pressure and water level units are meters.

C-Town .inp file for EPANET

Training Dataset 1

Training Dataset 2 List of attacks in Training Dataset 2

Test Dataset List of attacks in Test Dataset

Other data

Two additional datasets were originally included in the BATADAL competition. These datasets, formerly known as Dataset 1 and Dataset 2, were eventually removed as they were generated with demand patterns that differed from those featured in the test dataset.

Old Dataset 1 (obsolete)

Old Dataset 2 (obsolete)